Meet Dasha, our new Intern from the United States

Meet Dasha, our new Intern from the United States
19 March, 2020

Всем привет!

My name is Dasha and I am a new intern at Liden and Denz in St. Petersburg. I was born in the United States, but my mom and dad are from Russia. When my grandparents would visit us in the US, they brought Russian culture with them, and I became interested in learning more about the country that shaped my family.

After I graduated from college at the end of 2018, I spent the next three months traveling through Europe. One of my stops was Liden and Denz in St. Petersburg. This was my first time formally studying the Russian language, and it was a challenge. But like they say, no good things in life come easy. After the 7 weeks I spent at Liden and Denz, I began communicating more freely at home and with my relatives abroad. My goal of becoming “fluent” in Russian for the first time felt like more than just a dream. 

I’ve decided to dedicate this year to progressing as much as I can in my Russian. And while I’m at it, I’m looking forward to sharing with you the culture and country that’s so close to my heart.

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