Memrise App – The Garden of Knowledge!

06 November, 2014

Memrise App – The Garden of Knowledge!

I want to introduce you all to Memrise App, a fantastic resource for learning languages online with a revolutionary technique that is scientifically proven to improve your memory!

Memrise is completely free and you just have to sign up either through Facebook or by creating a username and password. The website has an equal amount of content for the 8 languages in which it offers help. These are English, French, Russian, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. At any time, you can choose to study grammar, vocabulary, phrases and even pronunciation of difficult words! For example, Memrise has helped me with my Russian language skills as there are pages of very specific vocab, such as ‘Food and Drink’, ‘Furniture’. If you are feeling brave, you can attempt to learn the 10,000 most used words in the Russian language!

The unique idea that Memrise App has created combines fun with science in order to improve your memory and ability to learn quickly! For example, in any vocab test, 5 words will appear on the screen along with their translations. The words will then appear in random order and you have to correctly translate them. The pattern repeats itself, but will then test you on the ten words you have seen so far, and so on. This means that you will not forget the words you have just learnt as you will be always tested on them.

Now for the fun part: At first, you are presented with an empty ‘garden of knowledge’. Every time you answer correctly, you gain points and you grow plants and trees in the garden. Each tree and plant represents a different topic that you have completed – Think of it as planting a new seed of knowledge in your brain! If you are struggling with a certain grammar topic or word, Memrise App will help you by giving you a clue as to what the answer is. You can even create personalised hints to help you remember something! Don’t worry about how good your language skills are, as all topics differ in their range of difficulty. You will always find a test which is suited to your level of linguistic ability!

Memrise is available as an app on all Android phones, as well as the iPad and iPhone, so it is easily accessible at all times! It has definitely improved my Russian language skills, and I seriously recommend that you give it a try. You will not be disappointed!

Link to Memrise:

This post was brought to you by Alexander, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz

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