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Mosaic courtyard

22 October, 2013

St. Petersburg is commonly known as a city of roofs and yards with strange stories and unique qualities. The Mosaic Courtyard (Мозаичный Дворик) on Chaykovsky street is a perfect example of this.

The courtyard is famous for its bizarre statues, graffiti on the walls and even a playground entirely covered with colorful mosaics tiles. Teachers and students of the Malaya Academy of Arts (Малая Академия Искусств) started painting these mosaics 20 years ago, but new works still appear from time to time. The academy also organizes cheap tours that you can book in advance.

This strange open-air space often attracts curious locals and tourists who enjoy taking a lot of pictures with the mosaics. Most of these mosaics are open to free interpretation and speculation. Some people associate them with works by famous artists like Gaudì and Hundertwasser.

The garden is not that easy to find. In order to reach it, you have to get through a passage on Chaykovsky street (Улица Чайковского), to reach the building 2/7.

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