Moscow Zoo celebrates a 150th anniversary!

12 September, 2014

Moscow Zoo celebrates a 150th anniversary!

This weekend Moscow Zoo (Московский Зоопарк) would like to welcome you to its 150th birthday party! The official anniversary takes place on 14th September, and so to mark this grand occasion, organisers have planned 2 full days of fun and festivities. The celebrations begin at noon on 13th September, so go along and join in with whatever takes your fancy. Events will include a quest named “The Pride of the Moscow zoo”, the “Heroes zoo” quiz, and even a sporting competition, intriguingly named “Animals starts”. You can take part in the ‘master-class’ – “Postcard Moscow Zoo”, and even see a play performed by a local theatre company!

Everyone is welcome, and guests of all ages are encouraged to take part in any event they like. There is sure to be a carnival atmosphere with guests in high-spirits as they celebrate 150 years of one of Moscow’s most treasured attractions. You are also invited to delve into the park’s fascinating past, with a very special ‘historical journey’ that will lead guests through revolutionary and soviet times, right up to the present day.

And of course, while you’re here, you might want to see some animals. Moscow Zoopark is one of the most highly respected zoos in the country, as well as being the largest, and its emphasis is firmly on conservation and education. There are around 5,000 animals here, and 750 different species, so you’re likely to see some pretty unusual creatures!

If you’re lucky enough to be in Moscow, these celebrations are not to be missed. This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of Moscow’s history, mingle with locals and simply have a great time, so head down to МосковскийЗоопарк this weekend!

For more information, see the МосковскийЗоопаркwebsite (in Russian – it’s great language practice!):

Address: B. Gruzinskaya 1, Moscow 123242

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