Moscow shows its most delicious side in Saint Petersburg

24 September, 2015

Saint Petersburg has an amazing variety of restaurants and cafés. From busy canteen atmosphere to extremely elegant and from Uzbek cuisine to French dishes- you can genuinely find everything in the northern Metropolis. Especially walking down the beautiful main street Nevsky Prospect (Невский проспект) you can always discover delicious, new places.

It is very exciting to try unusual dishes and see extraordinary restaurants but sometimes you need the assurance that the food will be delicious, the interiors appealing and the service good. Moskva restaurant has an extensive wine list, offers European, Japanese and Russian cuisine, deliciously prepared to an affordable price in a beautiful atmosphere. The menu is literally big (A3 format) and besides their delightful main dishes Moskva also offers unique, tasty desserts. Their version of Crème Brulee, which is like a fluffy caramel crème with baked meringue, topped with dark chocolate is my favorite, and probably the best desert I have ever had. (..and I already had a lot) They have a huge terrace where you can enjoy the view over the busy Nevsky Prosect and Рloshchad Vosstaniya (Площадь Восстания). As soon as it gets colder they put heating lamps and blankets outside but also the window seats allow visitors to dine with the added pleasure of an amazing view.

Whether you get a visit from home, celebrate your birthday (one intern already did) or just want to spend a nice evening. Moskva is the perfect place for a classy evening, an enjoyable coffee break or a fancy breakfast.




(Belated Happy Birthday Jessica! )

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