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Moskvarium at the VDNKh

12 September, 2015
Moskvarium, night

Moskvarium, night

The VDNKh which was once in a pitiful state is being completely transformed. The “pavillons” of the different soviet republics are being renovated, new attractions have been created, including the completely new Moskvarium which included a few months ago. With 12000 m2 and more than 80 tanks, it is one of the biggest aquariums in Europe.


Octopus, dancing in the neon lights

The different tanks are simply breathtaking. They have been very well-designed and create the impression of a natural habitat (Russian river, deep Pacific ocean…). The exhibition first starts with freshwater fish and species from Russia. The Baikal seal is without any doubt one of my favourite. Very playful, they elegantly glide through the water. The major part of the exhibition is dedicated to sea wonders. Squids, nearly neon jellyfish, « Nemoes » and « Dories », sharks : needless to say that the visitor is always in awe. A glass-tunnel allows the visitors to walk underneath the shark tank. We were therefore able to observe the sharks’ beautiful smiles… The very last part consists of enormous tanks for killerwhales, cachalots, belugas and dolphins. All stand before the tanks when the killerwhale arrives, making desperate signs in order to ask the mammal to come down. Sadly, Russians still have to perfect their knowledge in whale-language as the killerwhale did not seem to be very receptive…

The killerwhale tank, a very popular stop

The killerwhale tank, a very popular stop

The Moskvarium is a visit I would definitely recommend. It is such a beautiful place and the exhibition is simply marvellous. Children and adults stand before the tanks, with eyes wide open trying to memorise the perfection of nature’s creations, the harmony of the colours and shapes.

The entrance costs 600 roubles on weekdays before 4pm and after, 800 roubles. On weekends, the ticket goes up to 1000 roubles. Shows are also organised with the dolphins and other animals every day. In 2016, a centre allowing guests to swim with dolphins will be inaugurated.

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