Must-have mobile apps in Moscow

20 May, 2014

We are today, and it is an undeniable fact (at least for most of us), that we cannot live without our smartphone. Like a “Swiss army knife”, it has become an essential tool and multi task! To quench your thirst for new applications and also to make life easier in Moscow, here is a selection of the most useful free apps (availables with iOS and Android)!

If you have tendencies to lose yourself, and it can happen in Moscow, here are some maps that might be helpful!
Yandex.maps is the must for the navigation, for drivers, who can check for instance traffic jam and route information. But also for pedestrians, who can find the public transport route, but also points of insteret as cafes, drug stores or gas stations! But it is only in Russian : a good way to improve your language !

Yandex has also an application for the metro (Yandex.metro) with a map, you can calculate the time of your route (not to be late anymore). And for those who decide to take the train, you can check the local trains time schedule with Yandex.train (in Russian of course!).

Afisha and Time out Moscow are two applications, dedicated to entertainment : schedule of films, concerts, clubs exhibitions, plays, but also reviews of them.

You are now ready to face Moscow with your smartphone. But do not forget to look up from  it and enjoy the world around you. A smartphone is convenient, but it does not make the world!

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