Mysteria in Riga

Mysteria in Riga
02 September, 2015

Test your wit and teamwork skills at Mysteria, a puzzle-solving activity for you and your friends. You and your team mates are locked for an hour in a specially designed room equipped with clues and different tools to help you find your way out. All you have to do is join the pieces of the puzzle to find the keys and escape within the time limit. Do you have what it takes to beat the clock and conquer the quest?

Interactive quest experiences are becoming increasingly popular all over the world and Mysteria in Riga will not disappoint; this mystery experience has already received a 5 star rating on trip advisor*. At Mysteria, participants can choose between three challenge rooms: Illusion, Abduction of the Holy Grail, and The Story of the Missing Professor.


Every night when you sleep, your dreams transport you to unimaginable worlds. When we dream, anything is possible, and the same applies to this quest. This interactive experience allows you to explore a dream world whilst being fully conscious. In Illusion, you will ask yourself whether you are awake or dreaming. But don’t forget, you need to escape the dream before the alarm clock wakes you up!

Abduction of the Holy Grail

Ever imagined yourself as Indiana Jones? This quest is probably as close as you are going to get to being Indiana in real life, (unless of course you are an archaeologist with a fedora fetish). This quest sends you back in time and presents you with hidden caches and sophisticated mechanisms to help you solve mysteries from the time of Leonardo da Vinci. But there is a catch: you don’t only have to escape; you also have to abduct the Holy Grail.

The Story of the Missing Professor

A professor who dedicated his life to the study of paranormal activity, extra-terrestrial civilizations, subtle energies and UFO’s has suddenly disappeared in unexplained circumstances. You and your team must uncover the professor’s important scientific work before the time runs out. By diving into this quest, participants will soon realize that what initially appears to be normal is actually out of the ordinary.

2-4 players can take part in the quest. You have to reserve your chosen quest and time online before you arrive, but payment is received in cash before the quest begins. Mysteria is open from 09.00 until 22.30 every day. The experience includes an English speaking guide, quest instruction and briefing, 60 minutes quest time and a complimentary drink. Find out more at

At Mysteria, there’s always a way out!



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