Namaste – a great Indian restaurant not far from our school

21 July, 2015

If you are craving a delicious lamb vindaloo or chicken madras curry, you definitely need to visit this restaurant. Their menu is huge, with a wide selection of vegetarian alternatives, and the food is incredible.

Not only that, service is very fast, attentive and caring, and the atmosphere is very pleasant.

On their website you can book a table, see the menu and look at their other locations.

The staff speaks English, so feel free to ask for suggestions and clear out any questions you might have with regards to the food.

I personally recommend you to try the Rajasthani Murg Ke Sole (RUB 540), Hot Chilli Prawns (RUB 980) – very spicy! -, Chicken Makhani (RUB 620), Chicken/Lamb Madras (RUB 630/730), Jheenga/Lamb Biryani (RUB 840/710). And definitely try the Lemon Rice (RUB 240) if you are having something with chicken or shrimps.

And if you don’t want to try indian food, on the same street you have Ukrop, which I already mentioned in our blog. Delicious vegan and vegetarian food at more affordable prices.

Namaste: Malaja Konjushenaja Ul., Saint-Petersburg

Tel.: 570 68 86

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