National Airborne day-(Воздушно-десантные войска, ВДВ)

04 August, 2014

84 years ago the Russian Airborne Troops  have been founded on the 2nd of august in 1930. Since then they help to solve big national problems. In the past they fought in big wars like world war ll. for the security of her motherland, nowadays they assure the security by supporting Anti-Terrorism-operations.

They are an elite force and have been the biggest airborne force of the world in the years after 1945. But today only four of the over hundred airborne divisions still exists.

Since a few years Russians are celebrating their ВДВ on the day of its foundation. That’s when they remember the fallen airborne solders and celebrate their national heroes.

Also last Saturday veterans and solders of the airborne force met with friends and family for this event.

There have been some festivities for this day all over the country. In Moscow, the airborne day traditionally takes place in Gorky Park, in Piter around the Winter palace and on Krestovskij Island.

You could see some performances from parachutists, concerts, the joyful parties of solders and veterans, which end traditionally with a bath in the fountains, and naturally a big firework.

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