Natural Beauty Revealed: National Parks in Latvia

Natural Beauty Revealed: National Parks in Latvia
29 December, 2015

Natural Beauty Revealed: National Parks in Latvia

Gauja national park

Located in the Gauja valley and established in the regions of Valmiera, Murjani and Siguida since 1973. It was created to protect the Gauja river valley and its surroundings to ensure recreational activities and territory’s nature protection.

This place keeps attracting national visitors and foreigners due to the different kinds of rock exposure, caves, legends, tales, hill fortresses, stone castles churches, watermills, windmills and architectural monuments.

If you like animals, then I strongly recommend you to visit the Ligatne nature trails, a place where you’ll be able to find all class of wild fauna or you can try the Lignatne underground bunker built in the Soviet times to protect themselves from nuclear wars.

The perfect time to visit this valley is anytime of the year, but it depends on your personal taste; you can try on spring and see the plants blooming, if you go on summer you can go for a boat trip, during autumn you can enjoy the ‘golden autumn’ just like in Russia and in winter you can have fun with ice skating.

Slitere national park

This one is a geological museum in the Baltic Sea, located in the coastline of the country. The main attraction of this place is the lighthouse on the Blue Hills near the Kurzeme shoreside, which has been adapted for tourists and expositions inside it.

Furthermore, there are routes for cycling, and you can also check wild fauna like birds and some reptiles.

Kemeri National Park

The most popular thing to visit here, are the bogs and fens (swamps), where the therapeutic mug is found. However, here there is a window to the past, where you can still see trenches built in the World War I and soldier’s graves.

All the parks have everything what nature has to offer, you can see birds migrations, dunes, lakes, tracks, hiking facilities, barefoot paths among others that makes them a perfect choice meanwhile you are visiting the country to be in contact with nature and disconnect yourself from the stressed life in the city, and the best news are that the admission for these parks is for free.


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