First hand experience: Moscow winter is NOT 365 days long

11 May, 2016

First hand experience: Moscow winter is NOT 365 days long

As a foreigner, like many others I believe, I used to think that Moscow winter lasts forever. Russia in general, and Moscow in particular are deemed to be reigned by cold and snow; where people constantly wear heavy clothes; and where, of course, partly because of these severe weather conditions, vodka is drunk surprisingly often and in water glasses.

So far, I have no tangible evidence of the vodka habits of the local population but I have become aware that warm and even hot weather is as part of Moscow’s climate as may be sub-zero temperatures. Furthermore, despite the general misconceptions created or nourished by Hollywood on this question, this should not be a surprising fact. Indeed, it is enough to consider that Moscow is very little more at North than, for example, London or Berlin. Accordingly, there is no eternal Moscow winter, but many sunny and warm days and a lot of Muscovites spend them out in the numerous parks around the city. Still, my big surprise came when I inadvertently realized that not far from Moscow’s city centre there are large [and only pedestrian-accessible] embankment areas surrounded by vegetation. Welcome to the beaches of Moscow!

I discovered this part of Moscow on a walk to the Luzhniki stadium (Лужники), located South of Moscow’s city centre. Upon arrival at my destination, I was surprised to discover that there are now massive-scale reconstruction works going on and therefore what is left for the visitors to enjoy are the gardens surrounding the stadium. Going further South, you will arrive at the Moscow River and on its opposite side are the Sparrow Hills (Воробьёвы гoры). This beautiful park is easily accessible using line 1 of the underground.

The Sparrow (Воробьёвская набережная) and the Andreev (Андреевская набережная) embankments represent long pedestrian alleys where you can sunbath, jog, cycle or just have a picnic. Bordering the Moscow River and protected by the Sparrow Hills, these embankments are a perfect place to relax and enjoy a warm day by yourself or with friends and family. Indeed, the location is excellent, the spaces are large and there are both calm and busy areas, which will suit the tastes of everyone. Also, you will find easily cafes, small restaurants and even terraces at which are organized dance courses.


Garbis, currently learning Russian at Liden & Denz St. Petersburg 

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