New intern alert: Hello Anna

New intern alert: Hello Anna
03 September, 2019

Всем привет, my name is Anna, I’m 23 years old and I will work as an Intern in the position of Social Media Assistant for the next five weeks here in St. Petersburg. I will be responsible for the content on Facebook and Instagram. With this blog post I would like to introduce myself.

Four years ago I moved to Vienna to study Slavic Studies, and I just finished my bachelor’s degree in July. I always wanted to learn a language with a different alphabetical system and that’s one of the reasons why Russian was so appealing to me. During my studies my love for linguistics grew immensely and I really enjoyed learning about it. Literature was something I always loved and therefore also appreciated during my studies. I also took some business modules during my degree to be able to study business in my master’s degree.

I was with Liden&Denz two times already – last year in Moscow and in February in St. Petersburg. The school in Moscow is a bit smaller than here in St. Petersburg but I love the atmosphere in both.  I really like the schools as the classes are very small and you really have to participate. For me the most important thing is to talk – I tend to doubt myself a lot. Here in school there is absolutely no reason to be afraid to talk – everybody makes mistakes. Although I finished my Russian degree, I decided to come back for a third to practice my language skills in my summer break before going back to university. Another reason why I came back is definitely the Russian culture and cuisine. (You can find me where the pelmeni are… 😊 )

In October I will continue with my master’s degree in international business administration where I will be majoring in strategic management. I want to combine my knowledge of Russian culture and language with the business-related subjects at university. My goal is to be able to use my Russian skills in a business environment.

In winter I love to snowboard in the Austrian Alps and spend my time ski touring. The best feeling is to go into a warm ski lodge after a long day of skiing. Other hobbies of mine are travelling, swimming and learning languages. Right now, I speak five languages: German, English, French, Russian and Slovak.

Make sure to follow the blog to read the latest articles written by fellow interns and myself. Пока – пока!

Posted by Anna Werner

Hey! I'm Anna. I'm from Vienna, Austria and currently I work as an Intern here at Liden&Denz in St. Petersburg.

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