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Hello from the new intern

07 July, 2017

Здравствуйте! My name is Claire, and I am an English/French university student studying German and Russian in the UK. I’ll be interning at Liden & Denz St. Petersburg until the end of August. My love affair with Russian culture started off as a niche interest during my awkward teenage phase – I’m another one of those who was entranced by Anastasia. So when it came to choosing a new language to take up for university, what better time to start Russian?

This is my fourth time in Russia, having recently completed a semester in Yaroslavl as part of my year abroad, and my third time in St. Petersburg. It was the first Russian city I ever visited exactly three years ago when I was due to start learning the language in October, so it feels a bit like coming full circle. Having been bombarded with the usual stereotypes in the weeks leading up to my arrival in 2014 I remember being really impressed with the city, and quietly relieved that I did encounter a few friendly people and not bears roaming the streets. I’m a lot more cynical of the stereotypes now, but am no less impressed by this beautiful place.

This summer, I’m excited to reignite my love for борщ and драники and continue trying to think up more funky ways to cook греча. Not that my world revolves around food… No, I’m also so excited to get to know the city better. Although I felt like I had covered the mainstream touristy sites during my last two visits here, I now realise I barely scratched the surface, so the hunt begins for hidden gems and museums no-one has heard of. I’m also a big fan of the arts, so, budget permitting, am going to try and squeeze in as many cinema and theatre visits as possible. And, most importantly, hopefully improve my language!

Posted by Claire Burchett

Hello! I'm Claire and I’ll be interning at Liden & Denz St. Petersburg until the end of August, exploring my love of travel, culture and food.

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