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Welcome to the Liden & Denz Intercultural Institute of Languages. Our award-winning Russian language schools in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Irkutsk and Riga offer you the best possible learning environment to master this beautiful language.

Learn Russian with passion and discover our beautiful destinations.

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Advantages of learning Russian at Liden & Denz

Internationally accredited Internationally accredited
The professional choice The professional choice
Quality control Quality control
Central locations Central locations
Modern facilities Modern facilities
Small groups Small groups
Wide range of courses Wide range of courses
Exams Exams
Communicative method Communicative method

Student testimonials

The modernity of the reception and the quickness of the service. My host family is helpful and friendly.

Jannik Belser

Lessons are very stimulating and interesting, I’m so satisfied with everything has been taught us. Nadia is the best Russian teacher I’ve ever had! My host family has been very welcoming and kind

Demian von Osten

The assistance given to us prior to arrival (invitation letter, pick up at airport and transfer to hotel, help assistance with filling for theft with the police etc) and at school (during the stay) was excellent!


Thank you very much for these three wonderful weeks of language course! I never would have thought that I can learn so much Russian in only three weeks. Also, I really enjoyed the online format of the course (if it would have taken place in St. Petersburg, I think I probably would not have been ...

Claudia Stadlmayr

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