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The Night of Ancient Bonfires

27 August, 2014


This coming Saturday night bonfires will be lit on the beaches of the Baltic Sea. In ancient times, bonfires were lit to warn of dangers. More or less twenty years ago the countries around the Baltic Sea took up this tradition again. Since then every last Saturday of august they are lighting the bonfire, to remind the preservation of the Baltic Sea, the natural resources and the future generation.

Everyone is invited to participate at this campaign and lit a fire at a suitable place on a beach and spend a great night with friends watching the fire and the sea. Often in the night of Ancient bonfires people make promises to the sea and the future generation, sing song or read poems.

In Riga the fires will be lit at the Vakarbulli Beach. The event starts around 5 p.m. with some creative workshops on the beach, where musical instruments and wind chimes will be created out of natural material. Later discussions about the preservation of the sea will be held and around 9 p.m. the acoustic concerts of Haralds Sīmanis, Stūrī zēvele, Valters Pūce and Arturs Cingujevs will start. When sunset starts, which is around 9:30 p.m. finally the bonfires will be let.

For those who don’t have any chance to go to a beach and see the bonfires in real, you should definitely take a look at the website of the Night of Ancient Bonfires. On this side everyone who is planning to make a bonfire along the Baltic Sea can upload a video with it and share it with the world.


The Night of Ancient bonfires is a wonderful event and a good occasion to enjoy the last night of summer at the beach.

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