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O2 bar in Moscow

29 December, 2015

A very fancy and distinguished place to be in Moscow should be the O2 bar located inside the Ritz-Carlton hotel; is a landmark rooftop bar with a restaurant besides it, and spectacular design and you can have the best view over the Kremlin and the red square. Its style has a glamorous design that will give you one of the best nightlife experiences in the heart of the city.

The hotel is about two blocks away from the red square, right behind the Hotel National Moscow, street Tverskaya (Тверская улица) the nearest tube station is Ohotniy ryad (Охотный ряд).

What this bar has to offer is the finest caviar, seafood, sushi and sophisticated house mixed cocktails, without forgetting about the wine list.

The place is daily opened from 12 pm to 2am, so whether you decide to have a glass of wine during the day, to see the sunset or just to dance like in a nightclub; however, if you go there in the night, then I strongly recommend you to book a table because it might be really uncomfortable for you to enjoy without a couch.

Do not just wait to have a perfect or special date to celebrate, go with your classmates on a Saturday or friends meanwhile you are staying in Moscow.

Eliant, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz St. Petersburg

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