Open Music Festival of Colours

16 June, 2014

On Friday and Saturday, Kirovec stadium was awash with colour as St Petersburg celebrated the Festival of Colour!

A Hindu festival, usually celebrated in March called Holi, inspired this festival that takes place in St Petersburg, in June when it’s warmer and brighter outside: the perfect conditions for a colour festival!

Entrance was free, and participants purchased bags of bright colours that were promptly thrown at each other, creating a mass of colour and walking art!

IMG_0874 - Copy


With a live band and food and drink on offer, the event was a huge success, and everyone ended up covered in bright colours. There was a wonderfully inclusive atmosphere, and people were throwing paint at people they didn’t know, there were some cheerleading displays and dancers in the crowd and one person even handed out stacks of Jenga!


So if you saw anyone on the metro, covered head to toe in colourful paint, they’ll definitely have been at the Holi Festival!


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