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Pioner Cinema on Kutuzousky is the Best Movie Theater in Moscow

13 February, 2017

Pioner Cinema on Kutuzousky

Pioner Cinema on Kutuzousky has quickly become Moscow’s go-to spot for lovers of all types of cinema. Established in 2009, Pioner shows everything from present-day box-office hits to art-house and art-mainstream blockbusters to classic cinematic masterpieces in their famed “At the Cinema, At Last” events.


Pioner first opened its doors in October of 2009. But in the eight short years it’s been around, Pioner has come to dominate Moscow’s cinema scene. Along with hosting a variety of foreign language film festivals, Pioner is also home to the annual Moscow International Film Festival, which usually takes place in the last week of June. From May to October, cinema goers can take to the outdoors in one of two Open Air cinemas, located in Gorky Park and Sokolniki Park, where the afternoons are allotted to lectures, master classes, concerts, poetry readings and theatrical performances. A recent addition to the Pioner Group is the renowned “Kudhozhestvenniy” Cinema, for which plans of restoring the old cinema to its original form are currently underway.


Guests can grab a bite to eat before or after a film at Pioner’s beloved Café Pion, where you’ll find a large selection of snacks, including delicious black currant sorbet, mouth-watering chocolate ice cream, and hearty Belgian waffles. Or if you’re in the mood for something heavier, Pioner also offers main courses, like veal and chicken rissoles with morel sauce, and an assortment of craft beers, all hand selected and prepared by the world-famous chef Antony Filatov. Prices for dining vary from 350 rubles for an omelet with tomatoes, bacon and rucola, to 490 rubles for a margherita pizza, to 1300 rubles for angus beef with pepper sauce.  Smaller snacks are offered at the Open Cinemas in Gorky Park and Sokolniki Park, ranging from the famous Pioner burger for 270 rubles, to a hot dog with ketchup for 250 rubles. The one thing you won’t find at Pioner Cinema is popcorn. Pioner is a “popcorn-free cinema,” keeping the cinema-going experience about the films, rather than the salty snacks.

The Cinema

All films are kept in their original languages, with only small Russian subtitles, which allows for an authentic cinematic experience. The film selection varies, but you’re sure to find all the highlights of world cinema. At Pioner on Kutuzousky, there are 2, 84 seat screening halls, which use the best modern equipment, providing a beautiful cinematic wonder on screen. Seats are plush red velvet and padded with thick cushions that make for an incomparably comfortable ride through cinematic glory. In their famed “At the Cinema, At Last” events, Pioner showcases the remastered, director’s cut versions of some of cinema’s greatest masterpieces. The Open Air cinemas at Gorky Park and Sokolniki Park are also a fan favorite, and hundreds of cinema lovers flock to the outdoors between May and October for an unforgettable night at the movies.

The Bookstore

Pioner Bookstore is a brand-new remodel of the old Pioner Cinema bookstore, and is a must visit before or after seeing your film. Tailored to fit the desires of cinema patrons, Pioner Bookstore offers a wide selection of books, magazines, movie posters, and holds regular lectures, meet-ups, book presentations and discussions.


Pioner Cinema on Kutuzousky is located at Kutuzovsky pr. 21, just a ten minute walk from Studencheskya on the metro line 4. The Open Air cinema at Gorky Park is located at Krimsky Val 9, and can be reached from Otyabraskaya on the metro line 6. The Open Air cinema at Sokolniki Park is located at Mitkovsky Proezd 10, a stone’s throw away from the Sokolniki metro station on line 1.

Happy watching!


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