26 November, 2013

It’s the end of November and not surprisingly, it’s getting cold out in Russia. So, it’s a good time to participate in some traditional Russian practices and pile into Pishyechnaya na bolshoi konyushenoi(Пышечная на Большой Конюшенной) and wait for your chance to taste some deliciously greasy Pishki (Пышки). Sometimes referred to as simply Russian Doughnuts, Pishki are widely available throughout Russia and are typically very cheap (10-15 RUB). However, if you find yourself in St. Petersburg, one of the best and most famous places to get your hands on a plate of these Russian treats is at the Pishyechnaya, not far from Nevskiy Prospekt Metro Station. Here, people wait in long lines, often all the way out the door to get at some with an inexpensive cup of coffee.

The atmosphere of the place is one of its best traits, in that it does not have much of an atmosphere at all. When you walk in, you find that the place is filled with not much more than a bunch of tables, a counter to order and lots of people enjoying their Pishki.

For about 50 RUB, you can get a plate full of sugar coated Pishki and a cup of coffee. On a cold day, it is a great place to stop by and feel like a local!

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