Professor Nolan’s Grammar Tables

04 December, 2013

Its Wednesday and that means that it’s that time of the week to review another useful Russian language resource! This week I’d like to share with you the website of one of my former Russian professors. The site is and the linked page in particular, focuses on Russian grammar. Although there are many such web pages with grammar explanations, what makes this page so handy is the grammar tables.

Organized into seven separate tables, Professor Nolan has broken down the declensions of nouns, conjugations of verbs and much more into easy to read tables that you can save onto your computer or print out. Although there are similar grammar tables out there, none have summarized and put together the basics quite as simply as these.

In addition to the grammar tables, Nolan also provides short and concise explanations of the grammar rules, allowing even beginners to find these tables helpful.

I highly recommend this website and tables to anyone who is struggling to remember all the complex declensions and conjugations and feels like there is no structure to the language, until they get a chance to see the rules laid out so concisely.

Advantages: Free, covers most basic elements of grammar rules and endings

Disadvantages: Doesn’t cover absolutely every aspect of grammar


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