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Who Said Art? Pushkinskaya-10 and John Lennon Street

07 October, 2013

Who Said Art? Pushkinskaya-10 and John Lennon Street

Pushkinskaya-10 (Пушкинская-10) is the center of modern art in St. Petersburg. It is a unique place with unconventional museums and galleries of contemporary avant-garde artists.

The art center was born in 1989, when painters, musicians and other artist illegally occupied one of the abandoned houses on the site. The community, a public non-governmental and non-commercial organization, managed to be officially recognized and received the name of Center of Modern Art (Центр Современного Искусства).

Nowadays, the center consists of a Museum of Nonconformist Art (Музей Нонконфортмистского Искусства), other galleries and a Techno-Art Center. Other than that, it also includes a music club, two art publishing houses, music and design studios and shops.

However, the biggest surprise is a street that you will never see on a city map, right in the courtyard of  the art center: the John Lennon street (Улица Джона Леннона), founded and managed by Beatles Russian fans and experts. In this Temple of Love, Peace and Music, you will find some great decorations and paintings dedicated to the iconic singer and his group.

Although the center is named after Pushkinskaya street, the entrance is from a passage on Ligovsky Prospekt, near Vosstaniya metro station.

This post was brought to you by Zoran, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz

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