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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

07 May, 2014

In this day, May 7th, was born one of the world known composers: Tchaikovsky (7 May 1840 in  Votkinsk and died 6 November 1893 in Saint-Petersburg).

Tchaikovsky composed in all genres, but it is in orchestral music as symphonies, suites and concertos he deploys all his knowledge and gives the measure of his sense of melody inspired. It was also he who gives his nobility to ballet music, adding a symphonic dimension to a genre previously considered minor. It embodies the dominant figure of Russian Romanticism of the nineteenth century in all its popular and generous vitality and deep sincerity.

He discovered the piano at this of 5 !  Still in his teens, he studied law but his legal career was brief. Tired of working for the Ministry of Justice, which does not match him , he decided to dedicate his life to music. He integrated the academy , studied composition and began a career as a composer in 1863 . Tchaikovsky ‘s personality is complex. On the depressive temperament , he rejected his homosexual tendencies and began relationships with women who will all be failures.

His artistic ascent will not suffer from anxieties . It gives successful tours in Europe and the United States who report an unusual honor for an artist of his generation. Tchaikovsky’s music demonstrated significant creativity and diversity. He was an eclectic composer, he is the author of eleven operas, eight symphonies, four orchestral suites, five concertos, three ballets, one hundred and six melodies and a hundred pieces for piano !

He remains today one of the best known and most prolific composers of his generation. His most famous works , ” Swan Lake “, ” Nutcracker “, ” Eugene ” still carried off a resounding success.

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