Quest Games Sweep Russia!

13 November, 2014

So-called Quest Games, such as the ever popular Claustrophobia, are springing up all over Russia and Eastern Europe. This new type of interactive experience was developed as an alternative to more traditional forms of games. The focus of these games is to work together as a team, to figure out how to escape a confined area within a time limit. Rules are given to the participants, for instance, they are often not allowed to tamper with electrical sockets or light fixtures, or break windows. Then, within a limited amount of time, either a group of friends or strangers has to work together to discover various clues within the space and find their way out.

The games have their origins in Moscow, where they began appearing as early as last year, and have since swept across Russia. The most popular quest game in Russia at the moment is Claustrophobia, founded by Dmitri Romendik, which now operates in not only Moscow, but also in St. Petersburg, Kazan, and Nizhny Novgorod, often times it is necessary to book months in advance, because even though the business is expanding and converting more and more spaces for the games, they simply can’t keep up with demand in many cases. The games are themed in many different ways, ranging from the extremely creepy, to the more science fiction oriented. Claustrophobia has proven to be particularly popular, because it doesn’t simply put you in a room, but attempts to build a narrative and create a story to make you feel truly engaged in the game. The most popular scenarios at present are the bunker, hospital, and apartment scenarios, all of which have elaborate crafted backstories for you to discover as you try to escape with your team!

So, if you’re studying in either Moscow or St. Petersburg, and you’re feeling a bit adventurous, quest games such as Claustrophobia might be just the thing for you! Even if it isn’t something you would normally do, their rapidly expanding popularity in Russia and their availability in both St. Petersburg and Moscow gives you the opportunity to engage in what is likely to become a massive cultural phenomenon across Russia and Eastern Europe, and possibly beyond, before it really takes off!

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