Quizlet – A Useful Resource for Russian Language Learning!

14 November, 2014

Quizlet – A Useful Resource for Russian Language Learning!

Having recently become a member of Quizlet, I can really recommend it as a language resources app! It is one of the most popular sites for learning languages, and covers almost any subject that you can think of!

Quizlet is an online community which offers a hugely wide range of subjects from which to choose. You can practice your knowledge on any subject at any range of difficulty. You can even learn biology from secondary school! The website is used by over a million students and teachers a day, and overall has over 100 million subscribers worldwide.

The site is fantastic as it is all posts and tasks are made by students from around the world in order to help others with learning a subject of their choice! In the words of the founder of Quizlet, ‘we create the software, you provide the curriculum’. Quizlet has gained so much popularity in the last few years that they are now developing advanced software, which will enable additional features such as multi-player games over the Internet to increase your learning ability!

Quizlet is great for increasing your Russian language skills, no matter how long you have learnt the language or how well you speak it. You can test yourself on a range of vocab lists, grammar points or sentence structures, and there are different ways for you to learn, depending on whether you remember best through sight or sound! Option one is to learn via flashcards, the most popular way of revising on the site.

The second way is through what Quizlet simply calls ‘Learn’, where you are shown the Russian or English word that you have just learn and are asked to translate it, or you can listen to a word and guess its translation! There are also games that you can play which will only serve to increase your language abilities.

Finally, Quizlet allows you to customise the way in which you learn. You can make your own flashcards and even record yourself speaking in order to learn the language more efficiently. Quizlet is highly recommendable as a language learning resource, and is available to download on any Android phone or from the App Store, so Quizlet is perfect to use on-the-go!

This post was brought to you by Alexander, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz

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