Celebrating History: Restoration of Independence Day in Latvia

05 May, 2014

Celebrating History: Restoration of Independence Day in Latvia

Latvia and its capital, Riga, were in full celebration mode yesterday for the Restoration of Independence Day, celebrated on the 4th of May each year, to mark the day Latvia regained independence from the USSR.

Latvia has two Independence Days: the 18th of November when in 1918, Latvia became an independent nation for the first time, and on the 4th of May, when in 1990, after being annexed by the Soviet Union in 1940, Latvia was once again its own country.

Both days are celebrated with equal vigour and yesterday’s festivities were no different!

In Riga, there was a marching band competition in front of the Freedom Monument, choir performances in St Peter’s Church and, of course, no celebration is complete without fireworks! The city was adorned with flags on every building, and the atmosphere was one of jubilation.

Because Independence Day falls near to International Labour Day, Latvians get a long holiday and so the city was a bit quieter than usual as the locals had the Thursday to the Monday off work and school. This didn’t stop the celebrations though, and there were plenty of people waving flags and enjoying the shows.

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