Elbrus: An adventure for a Russian and his brave cat

Elbrus: An adventure for a Russian and his brave cat
10 October, 2016

Russian citizen takes his cat for an adventure

Just recently, a Russian citizen decided to climb the highest mountain on European territory: Elbrus in Caucasus (5642m). He was more than ready preparing himself for 2 months in advance – and quite excited about his upcoming adventure. Nevertheless, he was not to keen to go all the way up alone which is why the marvelous idea of taking his cat with him crossed his mind.

The young fellow called „Graf“ was trained by his owner 2 months before the big climb. He would take him out for long walks outside of his city Nishnevo Tagila – not only on the leash but also in a backpack so Graf gets used to every possible unusual situation. After a test climb on the „Sibirskiy Kamen“ (1300m) he knew the cat was ready for the big journey.

„He is young, curious and interested in lots of things.“

Indeed: The two adventurers made it almost up to the peek of the mountain – due to bad weather conditions they were forced to stop at 5000m. Graf was doing well along the trip and did not complain according to his ambitious owner. He took great care by buying him a warm overall and special heater – food was not an issue, either.

It seems like this was only the beginning: The next trip is already set for February 2017 aiming for Lake Baikal in Siberia.


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