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Russian history combined with dance

19 August, 2014

If you want to learn something about Russian history and at the same time enjoy a unique folk program, then you have to see the Russian National Dance Show Kostroma. This dance show is performed by the National Ballet Kostroma and takes place daily from June 15th to September 15th in the concert hall of Cosmos Hotel in Moscow. The National Ballet Kostroma is a ballet which has been taking attempts to preserve Russian culture, traditions and Russian peoples’ spirit for the last fifteen years.

The concert consist of two parts: the first one is solemn and the second one more lyrical and is dedicated to love. You can enjoy scenes from history and stories of Russian greatest heroes and epochs will come alive through dance. From the beginning of Christianity in Russia, over the tsarist epoch and pre-revolutionary Russia, the flight of the first man into space and the famous Russian ballet – nearly every important part of history is displayed. A variety of landscapes is covered, ranging from Caucaus mountains to Asian steppes, Northern Ocean to Black Sea and the beautiful Volga River to mighty Yenisei. As the scenery changes, the people with their traditions and cultures also changes.

Over 50 artists perform various numbers, such as “Tatar Spring” or “The River Volga Flows”. It took a few years to stage the performance: more than 300 costumes were designed by Elena Piatrovskaya and amulets, Mongolian masks and tatar tambourines are hand-made! All decorations are designed as close to reality as possible and you can see the accuracy to the traditions and way of life of the numerous cultures which are embodied in the Russian federation. Vladimir Kornev, a famous composer, wrote the music and the musical arrangement for the 80 musicians of the orchestra was created by Vladimir Ryabtsev.

About 2 hours duration you can enjoy a bright introduction to traditional Russian culture! You will see a fantastic combination of music, drama and dance, luxurious sets and costumes, video-projections and laser animation! It is a very special and unique program!

For more information, please visit: http://nationalrussianshow.ru/en/rnds/


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