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Russian textbook series for beginner and elementary students, covering levels A0, A1 and A2.

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«Я люблю русский язык»

I love Russian is a new, illustrated coursebook series aimed at international students studying Russian. We currently offer I love Russian A1 (beginner) and I love Russian A2 (elementary - pre-intermediate). Our levels follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Both books come with rich audio material, accessible by smartphone or web browser. The books are entirely written in Russian and are primarily designed to be used in the classroom, for both group and individual students.

I love Russian has a clear structure and - in accordance with the communicative approach to language teaching - introduces all grammar aspects through useful real life situations, encouraging students to use their newly acquired skills straight away. It's a dynamic textbook with clear explanations, thoughtful exercises and discussion-inspiring texts.

Each unit contains a list of new vocabulary and optional self-study exercises (for homework) and finishes with a section called «Свобода слова» (freedom of speech), offering topics for discussion with the aim of developing and improving speaking skills. At the end of each book, students will find illustrated grammar tables for easy reference.

All texts and exercises reflect either life in Russia in the 21st century or make reference to Russia’s rich cultural heritage; covering its history, literature, music and traditions.

I love Russian has been written by an academic team of Russian language teachers working at the Liden & Denz Intercultural Institute of Languages. The textbooks have been tried and extensively tested at our campuses in St.Petersburg, Moscow, Riga and Irkutsk.

I love Russian - A1 (beginner)

  • includes an introductory phonetic course, followed by 14 lessons and 200 minutes of audio footage
  • covers 100-120 contact hours (in the classroom)
  • fully illustrated, 192 pages, A4 format
  • available as book and e-book (epub)
  • teacher’s book available (both print and e-book)
  • ISBN 978-3-9524787-0-7

I love Russian - A2 (elementary - pre-intermediate)

  • spans 15 lessons with 120 minutes of audio footage
  • covers 120-200 contact hours (in the classroom)
  • fully illustrated, 236 pages, A4 format
  • available as book and e-book (epub)
  • teacher’s book available (both print and e-book)
  • ISBN 978-3-9524787-1-4

Teacher’s book

The teacher’s book is an instrument of methodological support, helping teachers to plan their lessons and to adjust the curriculum depending on the actual study plan of their educational institution.

The book also contains transcripts of dialogues and lyrics of the audio-material, additional materials for discussion in class, keys to exercises, progress tests after each third unit, and practical advices and recommendations for using I love Russian while working with various student groups as well as with individuals.

In this book Russian language teachers will find ideas on how to use exercises for training the language aspects in different modes: group work, pair-work and independent work.


Liden & Denz has provided Russian language courses in Russia and Latvia for academic, leisure or business purposes since 1992.

Learn Russian together with students from over 60 countries, all choosing us for their Russian course. Liden & Denz is an award-winning, internationally accredited and highly regarded language training institute with campuses in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Irkutsk and Riga.

Only at Liden & Denz will you find excellent teaching in key, central locations in Russia and Latvia. Look no further if you want to learn or improve your Russian.

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