About your subconsciousness and Russian cinemas

19 September, 2015

Learning a new language is tough – learning Russian is tougher. As if studying a new alphabet with 33 letters, which mainly look familiar but have a different meaning is not hard enough: There are 6 cases, the suffixes of words seem to change randomly at the beginning and every verb has two different forms depending on the situation you use it in to make it even more interesting.

But the hard work pays off: Over 280 million people have Russian as their native language and it is the official language in over 10 countries. Russian is a definitely a world language and will help you in many areas of your life.

Sometimes the learning process can be frustrating as well and you might feel that you hardly improve. But for those of you who are currently studying here, you probably don’t even notice that you get better on a daily basis. Not just due to the course but also because of your environment which constantly confronts you with the Russian language. You will start understanding the conversations on the streets, the waiters at restaurants and the advertisements which surround you.

My “aha” experience was when I went to the cinema at Galeria last week. Me and a Russian friend booked tickets which English subtitles as I claimed I would not get anything without them. Apparently fate wanted to put me through a test, the website gave us the wrong information and the cinema viewing with subtitles was already over. So just a regular synchronization – I prepared my phone being ready for scrolling through Instagram for two hours. But as soon as the movie started I almost understood everything! I was surprised and happy about my progress which apparently happened unconsciously. I can really recommend going to the cinema to everyone – you will be surprised and proud of yourself of how much you already understand. (Even without subtitles) 🙂

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