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Russia’s Creative Class

11 April, 2014

In Russia this emerging class of young entrepreneurs has been dubbed Kreativi. They make up Russia’s urbanised, internet-using population that has embraced the globalised world, new Russia’s turbo-capitalism and have brought back a sense of urban dynamism to Russia’s major cities after the troubles of the 90’s.
The Russian creative class has established itself in fields such as media, marketing and advertising and this has been a very important part of Russia’s rebalancing of its economy heavily reliant on the extraction of natural resources.

They embody a new post-industrial force in the world economy, as studied by the economist Richard Florida, that vies to establish the role of Civil Society in post-Soviet Russia and to make Russia an exciting and dynamic place to live, work and do business.


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More info about the Creative Class:

The Flight of the Creative Class. The New Global Competition for Talent, 2005. HarperBusiness, HarperCollins

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