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Saint Petersburg Celebrates Navy Day: this Sunday, July 27th!

25 July, 2014

Saint Petersburg Celebrates Navy Day: this Sunday, July 27th!

Saint-Petersburg is the cradle of Russian Navy. The city was founded after a war to control the access to the Baltic Sea, as the victorious Peter I aimed to make Russia a naval power by building a strong fleet. To this day Saint-Petersburg is the Marine Capital of Russia and it hosts many celebrations dedicated to navigation and the Russian fleet.

The most important of this celebrations is taking place this Sunday, July 27th and it’s called Navy Day. The city will celebrate its thousands naval officers with a whole fleet of ships, including submarines, decorated in flags and parading in the Neva, right by the Winter Palace, the Admiralty and St. Isaac Cathedral. The historical naval base of Kronstadt will also offer a naval parade and the possibility to admire the war ships. As for previous years, a firework show, and a concert is to be expected.

Since it’s Navy Day on Sunday the ship crews will be around the city in their uniforms, partying with family and friends. In past years people dressed like sailors have taken baths in the fountains of the city and created a a rowdy and joyous atmosphere. If you feel like joining them all you need is a striped t-shirt and a sailor’s hat, but watch out, because the police will soon arrive to take you out of the fountains!

For a schedule of the events, check the following link:


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