Saint Petersburg Coffee Festival 2016

Saint Petersburg Coffee Festival 2016
12 September, 2016
Coffee Festival 2016 – Save the Date!

The Coffee Festival 2016 is coming to Saint Petersburg on Saturday, 24th of September and you definitely should not miss this culinary highlight of the year. It will take place at many hotspots in the city, for instance along the Nevsky Prospect or Griboyedov Canal.

It’s the first kind of this festival in Russia and perfect for coffee lovers or just for those people, who are interested in the history and brewery of fine coffee beans from all over the world. The program includes the best coffee shops of the city, as well as tasting and master classes in classical and alternative methods of brewing. In addition, famous baristas, such as Kyrill Ivanov or Andrej Tereschkov will demonstrate that “cooking” coffee is art and not just a hot drink. A nice book market completes this spectacle.

Russia’s first coffee festival will also take place in the capital Moscow two weeks later. The focus at both locations is not only on the coffee industry professionals and coffee lovers, but also on coffee tastings, lectures and coffee accessories. Furthermore, visitors will have the possibility to create their own coffee drink.

For those who are not afraid to attend and to try new master classes or for those who are willing to experiment and to learn how to prepare the perfect coffee, the Coffee Festival 2016 in St. Petersburg is a must-see.

So what are you waiting for? A ticket is available for 400 rubles and offers a variety of coffee sorts from your favorite coffee growing country. The range is enormous and lasts from Colombia, to Ethiopia and further to India and Vietnam.

See you there!


This blog was brought to you by Daniela Danzinger, intern and student at Liden & Denz.

Posted by Daniela Danzinger

Привет everyone. My name is Daniela, I’m 22 years old and I am from Vienna/Austria. I am currently working as "Social Media Content Assistant" at Liden & Denz in Saint Petersburg. In the course of my economic studies, we have the opportunity to do an internship abroad in the 5th semester and I’ve chosen Russia. I really enjoy the time here!

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