15 April, 2014

You may have read our article about being a vegetarian in St Petersburg and we’re glad to announce that we’ve found a fabulous little restaurant that serves solely vegetarian cuisine!

Samadeva on Kazanskaya Ulitsa (if you look at Kazan Cathedral from Nevsky prospect, it’s the road just to the right) offers delicious vegetarian dishes from around the world, including their famous curries. It’s not all “rabbit food”, although there is a great selection of salad dishes, and the food is all filling and truly yummy!

The restaurant looks small from the outside, but inside it’s a kaleidoscope of colours in a large dining room, so you’ll have the space to enjoy your meal, surrounded by beautiful decor. The atmosphere is lovely as well, with calming music playing throughout the day, you’ll definitely be able to relax.

They update the menu regularly, and you can check what they’re currently serving on their website:

The food is very reasonably priced and high quality and if you love it and want to try some of the recipes at home, you can purchase spice packets and ingredients from the restaurant.

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