14 November, 2013

Studying in St. Petersburg, but want to visit Moscow on the weekend? Time can be short when you are student and a train ride can take up to an entire night. So, what can you do? Buy a ticket on the super fast train Sapsan (Сапсан), and reach your destination in just under 4 hours!

It should be no surprise that the train can reach Moscow, or even Nizhniy Novgorod so quickly, considering the train travels at speeds up to 290 km/h, making it the fastest and one of the most popular trains in Russia. Its growing popularity also makes the train more expensive than other modes of transportation, causing ticket prices to change with demand.

On average, expect to pay somewhere between 2000 and 3500 Rubles from St. Petersburg to Moscow (or vice versa) in economy class, and about double that for business class. Regardless of what class you choose, the Sapsan is based on similar German trains and is comfortable in either class.

For students studying in either city, visiting the other is a must while in Russia. Each one has its own unique character and culture, and thanks to the Sapsan, it doesn’t have to be time consuming!

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