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Film Screening at Strelka – Best of Shnit 2015

23 August, 2016

If you weren’t lucky enough to find yourself rubbing shoulders with celebrities at Cannes or hanging with the indie crowd at Sundance – fear not. Tomorrow the Strelka Institute will be hosting a special screening of the seven best movies to come out of the annual Shnit 2015 International short film festival.

Founded in Berne, Switzerland, the Shnit festival began as a local event to showcase and promote short films. Over the past thirteen years it has grown into an incredibly successful international festival with extensive programmes, workshops and talks around the world. The festival is now a twelve day event which simultaneously takes place in eight cities on five continents worldwide- including Moscow. The festival is most definitely a celebration of diversity, originality and collaboration of artists and cultures. With submissions from up to 141 countries and a grand prize of $100,000 for the winner, it continues to succeed in elevating the status of short film as a creative medium.

With the 2016 festival upon us, the Strelka Institute is looking back on those movies which were particularly exceptional from last year. The seven short films chosen are based around the themes of love, fantasy and reality, and include submissions from Spain, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. All the films will be shown in their original language with Russian subtitles.

Starts at 22.00 and the total duration is 90 mins.

Admission is free. Register on the Strelka website for tickets:


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