Showing the family around Moscow!

My parents kept saying they were eager to visit Moscow so they decided to come and join me! My mum had spent two days in Moscow thirty years ago while my dad had never been. I really enjoyed showing them some less touristy areas of Moscow and getting to show off my Russian!

Having lived in Moscow for 5 weeks I had a few helpful little tips for my folks. Don’t pay more than 2000 rub to get from Domodedovo to the city centre by taxi! And as my colleague Claire suggested in her post on tour-guiding in St Petersburg its worth brushing up on your local history so you can get the dates of buildings right!

Arriving on Monday, tired from a flight, I decided they needed some hearty Georgian food. So, I took them to Sapervai Café near Kitai Gorod station. This restaurant had menus in English for my parents and a great choice of filling Georgian cuisine. There was delicious chicken with blueberry sauce, gigantic khinkali (Georgian dumplings) and a lamb broth – очень вкусно (very tasty)!  After the main course, we had some Georgian honey cake which was excellent followed by beautiful red berry tea, a new favorite of mine.

The next day we visited the Tretyakov Gallery, the most famous, and my favorite, gallery in Moscow. My parents were in awe of the fabulous Russian architecture and amazing artwork. After enjoying this cultural excursion, we went to enjoy the sunshine in Gorky park which was full of happy young Russians.

Having worked up an appetite we decided to eat somewhere a little off the beaten track –  the North Korean restaurant in Moscow. Located in the south of city, Koryo restaurant is hard to find but worth it when you do. It had one of the largest menus I have ever seen and I must admit google translate was required there. But the food was very tasty and the atmosphere, while certainly strange, was definitely a fun experience.

On Wednesday, I introduced my parents to the Moscow Metro. Rather than simply taking taxis or walking around I thought it would be nice to take some public transport with them and show how real Muscovites travel. In addition, I think the metro stations have some of the most beautiful architecture in the whole city.

For dinner, we went to the stunning Café Pushkin. I couldn’t afford to eat here on my own so it was a perfect place to go with my parents! The food was excellent while the staff can even recite Pushkin on command! It was a perfect farewell meal for my parents who head to St Petersburg today.

It was a great experience to guide my family around the city and a chance to display my hard-earned Russian skills. I would definitely recommend encouraging your family to come and share in this great city and culture.



This post was written by Tom, currently studying at Liden & Denz



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