Spring Intern Introduction, Liden and Denz 2016 – Maria

10 May, 2016

Intern Introduction, Liden and Denz Spring 2016 – Maria

As usual, this is an Intern Introduction from our Spring Intern 2016!


Hello readers!

I’m excited to join Liden & Denz as a Spring Intern: Blogger/Editorial Assistant for the next two months. I was born in Moscow, but left when I was very young and now live in Toronto, Canada where I am studying to become a translator and interpreter. I speak English, French, and Spanish. My spoken Russian is passable, but my grasp on reading and writing the Cyrillic Alphabet is childish at best! I never formally learned Russian, so I’ve decided to use my summer off to come back to Moscow and properly learn my mother tongue. I’ll be studying at Liden & Denz Language Centre, and hope to successfully pass the TELC Exam by the end of my time here.

This will be my first time exploring Moscow as a local. I’ve only been here a week so far, but am already blown away. One season just isn’t enough to see and discover everything but I’m going to try! In my posts, I’ll be sharing what I learn about Moscow’s history and culture, as well as reflections on my learning experience and some tips on studying Russian. I hope you enjoy the journey with me!

До завтра 🙂

Maria, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz

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