Are you ready for the “Steam Punk” ?

01 May, 2014

Festival “Паро-парк” –  Moscow 
[gap height=”15″] This is a festival  a bit special since you will discover a new fashion, a new literary genre: the “Steam punk”! Do not panic, it’s not as scary as you think! Initially, it refers to a genre born in the late 20th century, the action takes place in the atmosphere of the industrial society of the nineteenth century. The term refers to the widespread use of steam at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian era.
[gap height=”15″] It is used today in fantastic literary, fantasy, anticipation and sometimes science fiction! Steampunk style quickly left the only sphere of literature to extend to other areas of art and expression and become self fandom. You can find this style in series such as Warehouse 13 and Doctor Who, but also in films like Sucker Punch (2011) Zack Snyder or Hugo Cabret (2011) Martin Scorsese.
[gap height=”15″] This festival enables you to discover the world of “Steam Punk” and the whole atmosphere that goes with it! It presents a wide range of activities so that visitors can benefit the most :
several exhibitions in various fields of art, fashion, shows cosplayers, dances, theaters, interactive games, workshops.

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