#studentlife: Moscow Edition

#studentlife: Moscow Edition
22 September, 2016

Hashtag #studentlife serves a purpose. Here’s the story:

For the next three months not only am I lucky enough to be living and studying in Moscow, but I am also going to be living with one of the best people to ever be put on the planet. So maybe I’m a bit biased – she is my dearest friend after all! Karina is a student in Moscow and we met two years ago at a summer camp in the Moscow region.


I am staying with her during my time in Russia in the flat she rents in the Southeast of the city (lucky me – her last flatmate has gone on exchange!) and I thought it might be interesting to compare my experiences of a student-friend flatshare in Russia with my previous experiences back in London and to better understand what real Russian life is like for young people today. Do Russian students work much harder than their British counterparts? What is a normal routine like for a Russian student? How do finances affect their studies? What about their diet and lifestyle?

To answer these questions I will also be asking other student friends but over the next three months I will get real insight into Karina’s life and what it’s like to be a young person studying and living in Russia. Look out for my initial observations of student life in Moscow soon…

Ellie, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz Moscow

Posted by Ellie

Hi there! I am a Modern Languages graduate from the UK, spending some time in Moscow to get some work experience, practice my Russian and enjoy the city! I hope you enjoy the blog.

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