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29 Sep
My journey outside of the city center Дача (Dacha) has no direct translation in the English language, often being referred to as a “summer home”. However, the reality and culture surrounding dacha’s is entirely more complex. The term became part of Russian culture during the Empire, referencing plots of lands gifted by the Tsar. During ...
26 Jul
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A Weekend at The Russian Dacha For many Muscovites, a weekend in the summer means escaping the heat and crowds of the city by spending time at an out of town cottage, known in Russian as a dacha or дача. The dacha is an important place for many Russians. It is a place to relax and recuperate ...
05 Feb
The History of the Russian Country home – Dacha (Дача) The history of the Russian Country home – Dacha, is diverse.  The word “dacha” originated in the 17th century from the verb “davat’” (to give), in reference to plots of land distributed by the Tsar. At the beginning of the 18th century during the reign of ...