Three cafes you have to visit in Saint Petersburg (and one more)

One of the best things about Saint Petersburg are all the cafes, bakeries and pastry shops that surround you wherever you go. Some of them are really good, another few are decent and some of them will sell you stuff that is barely edible. Having tried at lest at least 20-30 of them, here are… Continue reading


Tsiferblat, a place where you can make your time count!

Once upon a time a group of young poetry enthusiasts rented a little flat – “the tree house” – in the heart of Moscow. There, they could do whatever they pleased: reading books, playing the piano, chat with friends, drink coffee and they could do it for free (payment was totally voluntary). Six years have… Continue reading


Weekday at the Heart of Moscow – down Tverskaya street

Tverskaya street

Weekday at the Heart of Moscow – down Tverskaya street Georgian food and Russian anti-café After a couple of wet and relatively cold weeks, warm weather seems to be finally back to Moscow and Tverskaya street. As a consequence, both local and visiting populations rush outside and seek to spend as much time as possible… Continue reading