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30 Oct
Today, I’m going to review another great and totally free app that you can use at home, school or when you’re standing in line or on the metro. The app is called Flashcardlet, and is basically a digital set of flashcards for your Smartphone or mobile device. Its simplicity is its greatest advantage. To use ...
23 Oct
Today, I would like to highlight one of the applications (which I use on literally a daily basis) with this short review. The app is called simply “LEO” and is the corresponding app for the very useful and comprehensive website dict.leo.org.  I believe students of Russian (especially those who also know German) would find this ...
15 Oct
This article will be the first of a weekly series in which I will review some of my favorite mobile apps and websites for studying Russian. To start it off, I would like to highlight a very useful app, which you can use with or without an internet connection and is completely free! The app ...