MAMM Gallery

Moscow has an increasing number of great art galleries. Galleries from the Tretyakov to the Garage Museum are now world renowned.  The MAMM gallery near ‘Park Kulturi’ station is still relatively unknown among tourists but is gaining an impressive reputation in the city for a high quality and diverse range of multimedia exhibitions. I went… Continue reading


It’s beginning to look a lot like… New Year!

New Year

It’s beginning to look a lot like… New Year! So December is well underway and that means one thing: Christmas! Except, Christmas isn’t quite the same over here in Russia. First of all, they celebrate New Year (Новый год), a tradition that is a remnant of the atheist Soviet state. Christmas, which falls on the… Continue reading


Visiting the Russian Museum

The Russian Museum is an excellent introduction to Russian history and culture. The museum was established by Nicholas ll who assigned Mikhailovsky Palace to become the ‘Russian Museum of Emperor Alexander lll’. Its collection consists of works from the Hermitage, Alexander Palace, the Imperial Academy of Arts and many private collections which were nationalised after… Continue reading