Что такое бабье лето? – What does бабье лето mean?

Бабье лето - Moscow

The first three days I spent in Moscow were cold, windy and cloudy. It seemed autumn was already here. Then, on September 13th at 10am it stopped raining and the sun suddenly came out. The teacher in class told us бабье лето had just started. А что такое бабье лето (what does бабье лето mean)? It literally means “old women’s… Continue reading


7 cartoni russi imperdibili

Vuoi imparare nuove parole russe, migliorare la tua pronuncia e saperne di più sulla cultura russa? Allora inizia a guardare qualche cartone russo! Il Paese ha una grande tradizione in tema di film d’animazione e ce ne sono così tanti tra cui scegliere che sicuramente troverai il tuo preferito. Dalle versioni russe dei più celebri… Continue reading


Expats – brush up your Russian!

I love being back in school. It was high time to do something radical about my admittedly poor writing skills, wrongly applied cases, genders and aspects. This time I would not give up so fast. Writing: I vaguely remember some of the purely orthographic principles (жы- is a no-no etc.) but dictations are a wonderful… Continue reading