Goodbye to Helene Sand Andresen, Norwegian Diplomat

Award Ceremony

Helene Sand Andresen, Deputy Director for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, knows exactly when to speak up, exactly what to say, and exactly when to listen. Her rich life experience, conversational tact, and contagious good-humor made Helene a gift to the L&D community and our B2 group of students. After a short two weeks,… Continue reading


Liden & Denz CEO Julia Voevodina shortlisted for the Managing Director of the Year award

We are pleased to share great news: Liden & Denz CEO Julia Voevodina has been selected one of the three finalists for the Business Owner/Managing Director of the Year award at the inaugural Lead5050 WIE awards! These awards recognise women’s achievements and the efforts of those who work towards gender equality in the education industry.… Continue reading


Kizhi (Кижи)

As I wrote before this week, on the northern part of Russia, in the place of Karelia there are tourist attractions and one of them is the Kizhi enclosure, which is a church wooden construction that perfectly fits with the landscape surrounding it, and it’s also a world heritage building protected by the UNESCO and… Continue reading