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25 Aug
Morning football со своей командой (with my team) is a weekly highlight here in Saint Petersburg. Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the year, we meet at 8 am close to the Smolensky cemetery on Vasilyevsky Island to play five-a-side. Outdoors during summer and, luckily, indoors during winter. Around once a month the team gathers in the next-door ...
03 Feb
Russian Banya (Русская баня) I wrote before about the Latvian saunas, it is time to talk about Russian banya now, which are very similar due to their development under the soviet regime, and some customs are exactly the same. From medieval times going to bania is a very old Russian custom that grew with popularity and not ...
12 Dec
Popular Traditions: Where There Is A Dacha, There Is a Banya Popular traditions throughout Russian history emits an incredibly long list of traditions. However, none of these are so famous as the culture of the Russian Баня (Banya), one of the oldest Slavic traditions. Despite the fact that this custom is several centuries old, the ...