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25 Aug
Saint Petersburg is adorned with many beautiful parks which are located close to the city. They are all easy to reach, but the one which always sticks out in my mind, however, is Павловск (Pavlovsk). Although this park is neither as grandiose nor as famous as Петергоф (Peterhof), it boasts the right to rival it ...
05 Jul
With good reason known to these days as Catherine the Great, the Russian Empress was one of the most fascinating and powerful rulers ever. Despite her being an outsider, coming from the German city of Settin, she managed to reach the very top of the Russian Empire at the age of 33 years old when, ...
30 May
Tsaritsino: nature and architecture at its best! In the early XIXth century the Russian poet Andrey Raevskiy wrote: “Всë, что природа изящного, что искусство прекрасного имеет, – всë найдете Вы в Царицыне” [All that is graceful in nature and beautiful in the arts is to be found in Tsaritsino]. He was right and I suspect ...
02 May
Empress Catherine the Great, and an Autocrat of all the Russias Empress Catherine was born as Sophie Augusta Frederica of Anhalt-Zerbst (Principality of Holy Roman Empire) on 2 May 1729 in a family of high nobility but not belonging to a royal family. From an early age, she got herself noted for her charisma and ...