How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Russian

I’m going to begin this post with another confession. In my last post, I admitted that I love marshrutkas, and in this one I’m going to come clean once again: I am a сладкоежка. Whereas in English we use the more figurative construction of “I have a sweet tooth,” the Russians express the concept more literally:… Continue reading


Weekend Trip to Water Park Slides of Saint-Petersburg

water park

Weekend Trip to Water Park Slides of Saint-Petersburg Hurray, it’s Friday, Water Park time! With the weekend around the corner the topic of this post couldn’t have been anything else than a tip for your Saturday or Sunday. So, we all know that Saint-Petersburg is a real pearl of culture, art and history. With so many splendid sightseeing… Continue reading


Student Interview with Erin

student interview

Today I had the chance to get an interesting interview with Erin, an English very young lady, who spent almost two months at Liden & Denz Language School in Moscow to improve her Russian skills. This is her last day at L&D, so now that the chips are down, let’s learn more about the experience… Continue reading