Live Stream to Moscow

Live stream theatre

Live Stream to Moscow I may be harping on a bit about the theatre scene in Moscow, but bear with me whilst I quickly tell you about something important for all theatre freaks in the Russian capital: you can enjoy the best of theatre, ballet and opera from around the world (and from Britain in… Continue reading


Theatre in Life, Life in Theatre

Theatre in life

Theatre in Life, Life in Theatre Just a stone’s throw from Paveletsky Station is the Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum (Государственный центральный театральный музей имени А. А. Бахрушина). Named for its founder, the merchant and advocate of the arts Aleksei Alexandrovich Bakhrushin, the Museum is compact, despite being housed in Bakhrushin’s own manor. Glorious and… Continue reading


Celebrating the ‘Year of Russian Cinema’

russian cinema

Year of Russian Cinema Watching films is a great way to practise your Russian. Even if you keep the subtitles on, you’re still getting yourself used to the sounds and flow of the language. It’s also a great way to find out more about the culture and history of the countries that speak the language you are… Continue reading


About your subconsciousness and Russian cinemas

Learning a new language is tough – learning Russian is tougher. As if studying a new alphabet with 33 letters, which mainly look familiar but have a different meaning is not hard enough: There are 6 cases, the suffixes of words seem to change randomly at the beginning and every verb has two different forms… Continue reading


A night at the cinema

The history of Russian cinema can roughly be divided into three distinct periods. First, the imperial era. Second, the soviet era and lastly, the modern era – i.e. Russian cinema today. 1896 marks the year in which Russia for the first was acquainted with the cinematic arts. In that year the Lumière brothers first showed… Continue reading


Film-goers on the Roof!

You have a dilemma – you have been working hard in lessons all morning, and now you are trying to decide how best to spend your evening. You’ve exhausted all of the usual options and are searching for something a little more unusual. On a rooftop in Riga, there is something particularly special happening. For… Continue reading


Aurora Theater

If you’re looking for something to do on a weekend in Saint Petersburg, then why not check out the city’s unique movie scene? The city actually has quite a few cinemas to choose from, but if you want a real SPB experience, then one of the best theaters to visit is the historic Aurora Theater(Аврора Кинотеатр). First opened in 1913, the Aurora is… Continue reading